Diversity Equity & Inclusion

DevNW and CLW share a vision of a community in which all people – black, brown, indigenous, Asian and white – from all socioeconomic backgrounds – have equal access to opportunity, affordable housing, financial wellbeing, and healthy communities.

But we recognize that systemic racism, white supremacy culture, and other forms of oppression and marginalization have dominated social, civic, and financial systems in our country, our state, our communities, and in our local institutions for hundreds of years and continue today.

These systems have directly contributed to – and continue to deepen – vast inequalities in wealth, housing, small business development, health, opportunity, access to resources (financial, political, and social), and many other areas that are core to the mission of DevNW/CLW.

For DevNW to accomplish our mission of creating vibrant communities by empowering individuals, families, small businesses, and neighborhood, we must confront and work to dismantle racism and oppression at every level, starting with ourselves and our organization.

Our Commitment:

Diversity Action Committee

  • We have a staff-driven Equity Action Committee that meets twice monthly, where we review organization-wide policies and practices that can improve our impact on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) internally, in our programs, and in the communities we serve. A key part of the work is organizing and leading all-staff trainings on DEIJ topics, such as Critical Race Theory, micro-aggressions, housing discrimination, trauma informed care, gender identity, and generational wealth gaps. These trainings have occurred every month since the Summer of 2020.

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