We are your neighbors and committed to helping our community thrive. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve success, however you define it.

Leadership Team

Emily Reiman

Emily Reiman
541.345.7106 x2010

Cori Riley

Cori Riley
541.345.7106 x2015

Elise Huerta-Enochian.jpeg

Elise Huerta-Enochian
Chief Program Officer
541.345.7106 x2044

Lynn Meyer

Lynn Meyer
Director of Lending

Nora .jpg

Nora Cronin
Director of Real Estate Development
tel: 541-345-7106 x2092

Financial Wellbeing

Abby James.jpg

Abby James
Youth Asset Building Specialist
tel: 541-799-4047

Amairani Arce.jpg

Amairani Arce
Operator & Administrative Assistant Specialist
tel: 541.345.7106 x2064

Amy Hamilton.JPG

Amy Hamilton
Director of Program Operations
503.779.2680 x2031

Gary Hamilton.jpg

Gary Hamilton
Asset Preservation Specialist
541.752.7220 x2040

Jeremy Doucette-Hardy .jpeg

Jeremy Doucette-Hardy
IDA Program Manager
541.345.7106 x2073

Jesus Photo .jpg

Jesus Solano
Asset Building Specialist
Tel:503.779.2680 x2078

Joanne Di Paola.jpg

Joanne Di Paola
Realtor and Homeowner Specialist
541.345.7106 x2043

Kimberly Shoop-Locket.jpg

Kimberlee Shoop-Lockett
Program Support Specialist
503.779.2680 x2027

Liliana Robles.jpeg

Liliana Robles
Program Support Specialist
tel: 541.752.7220 x2067

Mendoza 2.jpg

Luis Mendoza
Assistant Director for Generational Homeownership
541.345.7106 x2053

Mayela Solano

Mayela Solano
Asset Preservation Specialist
503.779.2680 x20

Micole Olivas-Leyva

Micole Olivas Leyva
Asset Preservation and Recovery Manager
503.779.2680 x2055

Nate Taylor

Nate Taylor
Lead Asset Building Specialist
541.345.7106 x2056

Ross Kanaga

Ross Kanaga
Assistant Director for Asset Building Services
541.345.7106 x2060

Sophia 2.jpg

Sophia Clements
Asset Building Specialist
541-345-7106 x2057

Stephany Guzman.jpg

Stephany Guzman
IDA Network Coordinator
503.779.2680 x2063

Affordable Homes

Christen Goody.png

Christen Goody
RED Financial Analyst
541.345.7106 x2088

Danette Gwin

Dannette Gwin
Property Manager/ Asset Assistant
541.345.7106 x2036


Jake Shafer
Construction Superintendent
541.345.7106 x2084


Josh Shafer
Senior Project Manager
541.345.7106 x2090

Kym O'Hare

Kym O'Hare
Homeownership Lending Manager
541.752.7220 x2048

Leah Cooper headshot.png

Leah Cooper
Director of Housing Operations
541.345.7106 x2033


Russell La Rosa Snyder
Home Repair Coordinator
541.345.7106 x2041

Skylar Yang.JPG

Skylar Yang
Senior RED Financial Analyst
541.345.7106 x2066

Tara Hanby.jpg

Tara Hanby
Development Associate
541.345.7106 x2071

DevNW Pattern Logo

Scout Reagan
Home Repair Program Support Specialist.
541.345.7106 x2082

Access to Funds

Exel Elwess

Ixel Elwess
Loan Coordinator
541.752.7220 x2029

Lori Stout 10-8.jpg

Lori Stout
Loan Servicing & Program Coordinator

Nicole Leseny.jpg

Nicole Leseney
Compliance Specialist
541.345.7106 x2049

Yunuen Tavares.JPG

Yunuen Tavares
Loan Officer
541.345.7106 x2087

Healthy Communities

Alejandro Salas.jpg

Alejandro Salas Hernandez
Lane County Youth Housing and Health Navigator
tel: 503.729.1325

Arianna Pennington.jpg

Arianna Pennington
Lead Community Health Worker
541.752.7220 x2037

Hayli Thomas.jpg

Hayli Thomas
Lane County Youth Housing and Health Navigator

Kristin 3.jpg

Kristin Yates Fronza
Assistant Director for Young Adult Programs

Luisa Palacios

Luisa Palacios
Clackamas County Youth Housing and Health Navigator


Ricardo Alvarado
Clackamas County Youth Health and Housing Navigator

Zo Copley.jpg

Zo Copley
Landlord Liaison

lily 800.png

Lily Oliver
Community Coordinator
tel: 541.844.7811

Policy and Advocacy

Karen Saxe.jpg

Karen Saxe
Director of Policy, Advocacy & Strategic Relationships
541.345.7106 x2011


Anthony Peronto.jpg

Anthony Peronto
Accounts Payable Specialist
541.345.7106 x2003

Becky Hayes.jpg

Becky Hayes
541.345.7106 x2032

Brett Christian

Brett Christian
Staff Accountant
541.345.7106 x2045

Callie Roy.jpg

Callie Roy
Payroll and Treasury Specialist
541.345.7106 x2068

Chris Pickering.jpg

Chris Pickering
Contracts Manager
541.345.7106 x2072

Elvira Morales

Elvira Morales-Velasco
Accounting Supervisor
541.345.7106 x2030

Erika 2.jpg

Erika Reyes
Operations Manager
541.345.7106 x2039

Katie Laughlin.jpg

Katie Laughlin
Senior Grant Writer
541.345.7106 x2054

Ladona Martin.JPG

LaDona Martin
Resource Development Coordinator
541.752.7220 x2062


Michael Schricker
Communications Specialist
541-903-9249 Ex 2069

Rafael Bernal.JPG

Rafael Bernal
Staff Accountant
541.345.7106 x2058

Ryan Hilterbrant

Ryan Hilterbrant
Network Administrator
541.345.7106 x2061

Sarah Coulter.jpg

Sarah Coulter Mitchell
HR Team Member Wellbeing Manager
tel:345.7106 x2089