Financial Foundations at Work


Financial Foundations at Work

Do you want to support your employees’ financial future and wellbeing? Bring DevNW’s Financial Foundations at Work classes and one-on-one financial coaching to your workplace and help your employees take better control of their finances.

You’re an employer who cares about your workforce. You know that finances are important to your employees. But you may not know just how much financial stress impacts the workplace.

Eighty-one percent of adults identified money as a significant source of stress in their lives. And employees experiencing financial stress spend an average of 13 percent of their workdays dealing with personal money matters — that’s about 20 hours each month.

Our Financial Foundations at Work workshop makes it easy to provide your employees with the benefit of personal financial stability, which, in turn, is good for your business.

Together, we’ll craft a class series that is appropriate for the needs of your employees and within the framework of your benefits program. Would you like one-on-one financial counseling for your employees? We can do that. Would you like them to be able to engage in the full breadth of DevNW Membership programming? We can do that. Would you like to provide your employees the opportunity to pursue an Individual Development Account? We can do that.

We’ve brought Financial Foundations at Work to dozens of businesses and organizations throughout Oregon, and we’d be happy to connect you with another employer in your industry to speak first hand about how the program impacted their employees’ lives.

Interested in getting started and learning more? Contact Nate Taylor at or 541.345.7106 x2056.