DevNW Membership


DevNW Membership

Our DevNW Membership buys your entire household unlimited access to one year of DevNW Financial Wellbeing one-on-one financial counseling, foundation classes and workshops.

Become a member today to receive one full year of unlimited access to DevNW’s classes, workshops, and one-on-one counseling. An annual membership costs $75 for your entire household.


Want to get started? Follow these three steps:

  1. Register your household for a DevNW Membership
  2. Sign up for a class or a counseling appointment
  3. Fill out enrollment form and requirement documents

Question? Reach out to your local DevNW office or check out what's coming up on the calendar.

DevNW Membership buys everyone in your household one year of unlimited counseling and classes.

From accessing an IDA savings match or downpayment assistance to building a first-time homeownership plan with a counselor or taking one of numerous personal finance and homeownership classes, a DevNW Membership is your ticket to supercharge you to the big financial goals in life.

This year, build pathways to your money goals.

With your DevNW Membership, you and every member in your household will benefit from one year of:

*Available funds permitting; income and asset qualifying permitting. Find out more info at Access to Funds.

Note: Refunds for services are available only in extenuating circumstances. No refunds will be given within 48 hours of a class or appointment.