Polk Street Apartments


Polk Street Apartments

The Polk Street Apartments opened in 2015, as the first apartment complex in Oregon dedicated to youth aging out of the foster care system. Youth who age out of care often struggle to find housing – without parental cosigners, or a rental history, or a credit history – which makes the transition to adulthood even harder. Without stable housing, they have trouble maintaining a job, finishing school, or feeling stable and connected to their community.

At the Polk Street Apartments, we provide affordable rents, an onsite manager to help them learn the ropes of renting, and connections to services and resources.

If you or someone you know is looking for housing and was in foster care (or is soon to age out of care), contact Dannette Gwin at or 541.345.7106.

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Coming soon: 12 more units at Polk Street Apartments

Stable housing is critical for youth transitioning to independently living. In 2019, DevNW received funding from Lane County to begin pre-development of additional units at the Polk Street campus. In late October 2021, we received additional funding and will be adding 12 new units at our Eugene property for youth aging out of foster care. These new units will also serve a slightly broader audience, including other system-engaged youth (ages 16-24) and youth experiencing homelessness. The new building will also include a communal kitchen and community room that can be used for gatherings, classes, onsite services, etc.