Nelson Place (Eugene)

We are building 31 new CLT homes in West Eugene! Our project is located off of Royal Ave. Homes will be ready to purchase in 2023

Phase 1: 12 Units - Townhouses (9) & 3BR (3)

Start: September 2022

End: February 2023

Phase 2: 14 Units - 3BR(2) & 2BR(12)

Start: June 2023

End: December 2023

Phase 3: 14 Units - All 3BR

Start: December 2023

End: June 2024

If you are interested in purchasing one of these homes, fill out our Community Land Trust Application

Si está interesado en comprar una de estas casas, complete nuestra Solicitud Fideicomiso de Terreno Comunitario

Interested in learning more?

Get on the path to homeownership by connecting to a homeownership counselor to develop a plan to meet your goals.

If you’d like to learn more about purchasing one of the West Eugene homes, contact Luis Mendoza at or 541-345-7106 x2053,