Youth Housing Initiative of Lane County

DevNW believes everyone deserves to have a place to live that they love, and that is affordable to them. To help reach that goal, DevNW started our Youth Housing Initiative (YHI) in Lane County, which helps young people to find and maintain housing.

Youth Housing Initiative helps those between 16 and 24 years old who are experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic violence. We do so by working with them to find a home, paying their rental deposit, and providing rent assistance for up to two years. Once participants find housing, we work with them over two years or more to reach other goals they have, from their health and wellness, to their education and career. The Youth Housing Initiative is a part of Lane County’s Continuum of Care, which serves people who are experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk of losing housing.

Coordinated Entry is the system and process that helps match different housing interventions with people facing a housing crisis. This system will connect you to all organizations participating in the YHI program in Lane county, not specifically Dev NW. The resources you may be eligible for will depend on your situation. Here are some of the resources that you may be connected with:

Rent assistance: help paying rent that you owe

Problem solving: identify what options are available and connect to resources that can help you with your housing search

Eviction support: help to go through the eviction process and understand what your options are

Renter support: help understanding the rules you and your landlord have to follow

Survival supplies: items that can help you live more safely on the street like a tent, sleeping bag, food, water

Shelter: information about available shelter options

Short or long term housing support: ongoing housing support if you're currently homeless

Lane County’s YHI program is funded through HUD. YHI receives referrals from the Lane County Front Door Assessment program. The YHI case manager will receive names from the FDA list in HMIS in the order the referrals were received. The case manager will make attempts to contact the family by whatever information is available in HMIS -- phone, message phone, email, text, etc. The case manager will use CHA’s recommended protocol of waiting 14 days for the family to make contact. Upon making contact with a family, there will be a phone screening and the case manager will assess for the required eligibility standards. If they meet eligibility requirements, they will be invited to meet with the case manager at a location convenient for them. If contact is not made in the 14 days, a case note will be made in HMIS and the family referral will be denied in HMIS. The Dev NW YHDP program aims to be as low barrier as possible, the requirements for entry are;

Age perimeters; All HH members must be 16-24, excluding children

Category 1,2,4 homelessness

Must have a connection to Lane County

When you reach out, you will be asked some questions to connect you with available resources. Housing is not immediately available, but this can connect you with resources that might help you find or stay in housing. Once you are placed on the waitlist, several organizations will have access to your referral. There is no direct route to Dev NW Housing program. You can conduct your FDA through the following resources;

Call 211

Apply online

Coordinated Entry - Lane County

Visit in person (recommended)

Catholic Community Services: Call or stop by to complete an intake form for appt. Assessments done by phone Eugene: 541-345-3628 1464 W. 6th St. Eugene, OR Agency hours: Mon-Fri 8 to 4 (3:30 on Thu) Springfield: 541-345-3628 1025 G St. Springfield, OR Agency hours: Mon-Fri 8 to 4 (3:30 on Thu)

St. Vincent De Paul:

First Place Family Serving Families with Children Only Call or stop by to schedule an appointment Assessments done by phone (in person by request) 541-342-7728 4060 W Amazon Dr., Eugene, OR Agency hours: Mon-Sun 8-5

Lindholm Center- Serving Adults 18 + Only Call or stop by to schedule an appointment Assessments done by phone (in person by request) 541-607-0439 450 Hwy 99 N, Eugene, OR Agency hours: Mon to Fri 9 to 4

Looking Glass - Serving Youth Only

New Roads: Call or stop by to schedule an appointment, Assessments done in person. 541-686-4310, 941 W. 7th Ave, Eugene, OR Agency hours: Mon-Fri 8:45 to 4:15 (3:30 on Wed)

Cottage Grove: Call or stop by to schedule a-n appointment, Assessments done in person. 541-767-3823, 508 E Whitaker Ave, Cottage Grove, OR Agency hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5 (4 on Wed)

For questions about the program, or if you want to see if you are eligible, please contact us:

Kristin Yates Fronza, Assistant Director of Young Adult Programs

| 971.600.6301