Fundaciones Financieras


Fundaciones Financieras

Conoce los conceptos básicos financieros, pero todos pueden beneficiarse de un repaso sobre la administración inteligente del dinero. In Fundaciones Financieras, encontrará maneras de abordar las deudas y hacer que su dinero trabaje para su familia, ayudando a su familia a alcanzar sus metas financieras.

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Establish good money habits & make your money work for you.

Financial Foundations will explore these topics:

  • Budget & Cash Flow Planning: How can you take charge of your money management? How can you incorporate big goals into your budget?
  • Tackling Debt: What is the best way to tackle debt? Which system saves you the most money in repayment? You might be surprised by how many options you have for dealing with different debts.
  • Channeling Savings: We all intend to save, but then life happens. We will borrow lessons from behavioral economics to explore the best ways to incorporate powerful saving into our everyday lives.
  • Financial Planning: Do you need help planning for long-term goals? We’ll dive into the basics of investments and risk, and untangle the jungle of retirement options.
  • Protecting Your Assets: Learn to protect what you’ve built by making healthy choices regarding risk and insurance.
  • Credit: What’s on your credit report? What impacts your credit score? Get to know the ever-changing world of credit. Learn how your credit can become an asset and even save you money. We can help you build or repair yours.

Whether you want to purchase a home, buy a car, save for education, set money aside for retirement, or simply invest in your personal financial wellness, Fundaciones Financieras is the place to start.

*Refunds for services are available only in extenuating circumstances. No refunds will be given within 48 hours of a class or appointment.*