Southtown Corvallis


Southtown Corvallis

DevNW is supporting a grassroots community effort that aims to organize residents and business owners in support of a healthy, prosperous, and inclusive South Corvallis neighborhood.

Living Southtown

DevNW has a long history of working to create a healthy, prosperous, and inclusive South Corvallis neighborhood — including building affordable housing, hosting Living Southtown events, organizing residents, and helping pass an Urban Renewal District in March, 2019. Over the next few years, South Corvallis has the potential to see significant new development related to food, housing, transportation, and education; a commercial neighborhood center; a regional “food hub”; off-street pedestrian and bike paths; a new elementary school; and development of new affordable housing. These projects are not set in stone, but they’re far more likely to become a reality and be done “right” if South Corvallis residents are involved, energized, and unified. To accomplish this, we need a compelling vision of the neighborhood’s future that is based on a shared commitment to inclusiveness and equity.

Get Involved

Do you care about the future of South Corvallis? Get involved today! We have regular meetings, educational events, and other efforts to continue developing this group and reaching our goals. To be added to our email list, or for more information, contact .

Mesa Familiar de Corvallis Family Table

DevNW is a supporting member partner of Mesa Familiar de Corvallis Family Table, a monthly free-meal program that serves hot and nutritious meals to go directly to a high-density, low-income neighborhood. The program serves on the fourth Thursday of the month, January through October, and the second Thursday in November and December. All meals are served to-go from 4pm to 5:30pm at the Tunison Community Room, 365 SW Tunison Ave. Corvallis, OR.

The all-volunteer-run free-meal program started in 2013 as a joint effort between the Tunison Neighborhood Association and the First United Methodist Church of Corvallis. It was a response to the growing need for a family-friendly free-meal distribution program in a location accessible to the residents of South Corvallis.

Leonard Street Community Garden

The main goal of the Leonard Street Community Garden is to ease hunger by increasing access to nourishing, garden-fresh vegetables in the high-density, resource-poor Tunison neighborhood in South Corvallis. The garden came out of a community effort of DevNW residents living in the Pickford-Leonard neighborhood. With the support of DevNW, the residents turned a bare 1,000 sq. ft. plot into a 14-bed garden space. The perimeter fruits — raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes — are accessible to all to explore and taste, specifically the three adjacent DevNW properties and their 101 residents. During the growing season, DevNW hosts work parties which bring community members together to share knowledge of garden development and maintenance.